Marcus West

Jungian analyst and psychotherapist

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Early Relational Trauma

An experience that the psyche cannot bear at that moment is, by definition, traumatic. Over the last 30 years a great deal has been understood about trauma, including the way that trauma disrupts our ability to perceive, remember, integrate and act upon our experience. 

However, this is not solely about traumatic events such as violence or sexual abuse, but also prolonged experience of certain forms of relating, such as being belittled, bullied, not responded to, hated, controlled, given too much responsibility, or exposed to unmanageable anxiety, to give just a few examples. These are the early relational traumas that frequently structure and determine the course of our lives.

I have been working for many years with these experiences and the effects they can have upon the individual. For more information see my book, Into the Darkest Places.

I also thoroughly recommend a film, made by Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo, featuring the work of Dr Gabor Maté, called 'The Wisdom of Trauma'. Click the title to follow a link to the film.